Food & Exercise Journal

I started a food journal yesterday. To keep me accountable for everything I eat. I think that it is going to help me think twice on pigging out. Especially since I am going to be writing everything down.

I am also writing down my daily exercise, to make sure I get in enough days a week. I think that this is going to help me with quest for a healthier lifestyle.


  1. i have a food journal, too… and the biggest challenge isn’t even keeping one, but rather being painfully honest about what i right down. sometimes, it’s not pretty. it’s like, you think you’re doing the right things and then you review and it’s like, oh my i skipped this or that or i shouldn’t have had that 20 oz. coke. but, it’s a useful tool.

    oh, when you write down your stuff, be sure to put the times down for when you eat/drink. it will help you, trust me, when you evaluate.

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