Too long not blogging.

I CAN NOT BELIEVE that I have not put anything on my blog for almost a year.

Being at a job that where I was NOT appreciated WORE ME OUT! I would get home and be exhausted, uninspired.
Working in the Optical industry for years was wonderful. Over so many years of being in the business,I am just spent.
I am going to be filling in at boutiques in the city. That is something that I will love doing.

Joe is SO WONDERFUL! He said that I have been there to support him with getting his business back up and contributed so much over the years. He said now it is MY TIME to follow MY PASSION. Love him for that.

I am now helping Joe out with his writing business AND I am working on my own website. It will include jewelry and other things that I create. Hoping to have that up and running by next year.

I don’t think I will be putting anything on Etsy. I LOVE ETSY! However, I think it is over saturated and my things may get lost in it all.
I am not 100% on not having an Etsy page ,though. I am sure once everything is ready to be up and running I will make up my mind.

After vacation I am going to be writing ideas down on things I want to make. I am SO INSPIRED! The ideas are just flowing.

Can’t wait for what great things await me in this new chapter of my life. 🙂

What happened to customer service?

I have been in the some sort of customer service industry since the age of 16. Wow 20 years! Yikes!
Anyway lately I have found 2 things. One thing is that the places I go to shop there are people that work at stores that don’t care. I don’t know why….
Has society become so Anti-social that companies will just hire anyone to fill positions?

Second thing I have found (at least where I work full time) is that some people come in with a chip on their shoulder. Like they expect to battle things out before I can even say. “How may I help you?”

It is getting to the point where I just want to scream…


I have been trying to simplify my life. The end of last year and early this year I gave away ALOT of clothes that were sitting in storage. Also emptied out my closet.

I have givien away some shoes and I am going through my bags this weekend.

Since I am not working at a Drs office where I can wear scrubs, I gave away my work clothes.

It does feel good to make room and give things away. Joe said that if I give anymore away I won’t have anything to wear. I think he going a bit too far there! 🙂


All day today. ALL DAY! And not just thinking I was hungry. After lunch my stomach was still growling. Ugh! Hate that! I am going to work out now. I am not going to watch the presidential address. Last thing I want to do.

Ok maybe I shouldn’t talk politics on my blog.

My laptop

is on its last leg. It has to be plugged in at all times, cannot hold a charge. Not only that if it is too hot in the room and it gets too hot the screen goes completely white!

Joe and I went to Best Buy last night and looked at some different lap tops. We budgeted money and I will get a new one in April. A Sony Vaio in green. It burns dvds as well as cds.

I am going to start helping with the Joe’s business more starting in the spring and am going to need a new computer for it.

I am just hoping that it holds out till then.

A big laugh

Went to lunch with my friend Julianna today. So she takes a photo of me putting on lipstick. I don’t know if she noticed this, but there is a lady behind me with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Too funny!

Check Juliannas blog at

She always has great posts and there is a cute pic of her spouse Rachel on it! Rachel you hair looks too cute!

Love ya both!

Years past

women would correspond with handwritten letters on elegant stationary.

People tell me I have an old soul because I still send handwritten cards and letters.

At times I wish I would receive as much as I send.

I have an old soul, but am living in a new age. I love all of the new gadgets of today, but also would have loved to live in victorian times.

Are there people out there that still enjoy writing or receiving handwritten letters from friends?

I know I do!

Rough week

This week I think it was a full moon. There were so many customers complaining about their eyewear. Ugh!

Last night I came home and had some wine. Now the wine that I had was a small one or 2 serving tiny bottle that my sister Eve left over a year ago. We had some New Years Eve after my heart attack. Joe came home from picking up something to eat and saw me drinking it and said. “Well I know it must have been a rough day!”

As I was drinking the wine I wondered “Hope this wine is still ok.” That didn’t keep me from drinking though. Hee hee!

All in all this week wasn’t that great as far as exercise is concerned. Wasn’t feeling well. But I did watch what I ate. One day I watched myself pig out…. if pigging out on soy crisps and honey nut cheerios is pigging out.

Going to get to the gym tomorrow and back on track. I am not going to let this week get me down though.

That being said I am glad it the weekend. Going to take Joe to The Grit on Saturday to Celebrate his Birthday early. They have the best chocolate cake. It is called Vegan Chocolate Death Cake. And it is the best cake we have ever had. Even non vegan.
We are going out so that I don’t make a cake and have it around the house.

Going to get some reading in too.